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Resume Maximizer is committed to providing highly effective products and services to help you get the job you want.

Our templates and courses (coming soon) are a great choice for anyone committed to success. We offer easy-edit resume templates and are developing online training to help you do just that.

We offer hundreds of professional resume templates so you can make the best impression every time. With our templates, you can create individual resumes customized for every job. Enter every interview confident that your first impression was a great one.

We are currently wrapping up a series of courses to help applicants succeed every step of the way. From practical tips to psychological reframing, we are committed to helping you create a job-winning resume and interview.


Have any job search or interview anxieties, frustrations or concerns? Let us know! We aim to provide the best possible templates, courses, and blog posts. To do this, we need your help. You have a unique story that can help inform and direct future efforts.

Are you a journalist or a blogger? Please contact us through our Contact page or send inquiries to:

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We welcome press inquiries and are always open to discussing guest blogging opportunities.

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